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June-Daylight Shower

Meteor showers are not only night but also daytime. Radar Observation(back scattering) and Radio Meteor Observation discovered them and there are some daylight-meteor showers on the list.
In Radio Meteor Observation using forward scattering, however it is not difficult to decide the orbit of them. In currently, these orbits are decided by Radar Observation and visual obserevers. June Daylight Shower is the most excellent shower in daylight meteor showers.
It is only Radio Meteor Observation that can easily observe daylight meteor showers.

Components of June-Daylight Shower

Name Active Maximum HR
χ-Capricornids Jan.29 - Feb.28 Feb.13 - Hardly a record that it is observed
Piscids May 4 - May 27 May 12 < 8 It is difficult to see clearly
ο-Cetids May 7 - Jun.9 May 14- May 25 < 18 The peak around 20th is often seen
Aurids May 22 - Jul.2 Jun.8 < 60 Almost of June Daylight Shower
ζ-Perseids May 20 - Jul.5 Jun.13 < 40 It is difficult to separate from Aurids
β-Taurids Jun.5 - Jul.18 Jun.30 < 25 Hardly a record that it is observed
Sextantids Sep.24 - Oct.9 Sep.24-Oct.4 < 30 Hardly a record that it is observed

Meteor showers without gray background are June Daylight Meteor Showers we say. These activities are observed from May to the end of July. It sometime is to difficult to observe because of Sporadic-E, etc.


Result of June-Daylight Shower is recorded.(mainly Radio Meteor Observation)
icon Result of June-Daylight Shower