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Southern and Northern Taurids

During two months from October to November, Southern and Northern Taurids come. Taurids has two components which are Northern and Southern. Each maximum days are around 5th in Southern and 12th in Northern. They have a feature which speed is very slow.
In Radio Meteor Observation, Southern Taurids is observed around 5th November. On the other hand, however, Northern Taurids is difficult to catch. Some year, this activity is observed.

Information of Southern and Northern Taurids

Name Southern Taurids Northern Taurids
Solar Longitude(MAX) 223° 230°
Radiant α = 52° / δ = +152° α = 58° / δ = +222°
feature ZHR(max):5, r=2.3, V: 27km/s ZHR(max):5, r=2.3, V: 29km/s
Parant Comet 2P/Encke
Reference The International Meteor Organization

Condition of observation in maximum night (2011 - 2015)

MAX.Time(UT) moon
MAX.Time(UT) moon
223(STA) 230(NTA)
2011 Nov. 6d10 Nov.13d17
2012 Nov. 5d22 Nov.12d29
2013 Nov. 5d3 Nov.12d9
2014 Nov. 6d13 Nov.13d20
2015 Nov. 6d24 Nov.13d1

* Since Radio Meteor Observation does not influence the moon, it is possible to observe during activity period.


Result of Taurids is recorded.(mainly Radio Meteor Observation)
icon Result of Taurids