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Quadrantids Results(2009)

In 2009, it was very difficult result that observed result was very complex. The main peak was observed around 04h 3rd(UT) (λo=282°.798). On the other hand, however, the another peak was observed around 17h 3rd(UT) (λo=283°.349). It was difficult that the activity level between main peak and another peak was very weak. Double peak therefore means a single compornent or not.
In this analysis, these peaks were provided by single compornent. This is because that visual observed result by IMO shows single compornent.

Activity Level (using worldwide data)

Observed Peaks

Time(UT) Solar Long. Activity Level
Jan. 3 04h 282°.798 4.25 ± 0.41
Jan. 3 17h 283°.349 4.57 ± 1.18

Estimated Compornents of Quadrantid activity

Comp.No. Peak Time(UT) Solar Long. A(max) FWHM(hr)
QUA09C01 Jan. 3 12h30m 282°.145 6.0 -8.0/+5.0


  • Radiant : α = 230°.1, δ = +48°.5
  • Radian Elevation : 15° < h < 80°
  • Using data within ± 0.75 σ in all observed data.


  • Structure of meteor activity is estimated by "Lorentz profile".
  • Observed data provided by RMOJ and RMOB