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δ-Aquarids Results(2016)

δ-Aquarids in 2016 showed annual activity level. The beginning of clear activity was seen around 20th July, which was λo=118°. It was earlier than last activity. It was same as 2008 and 2011.
Besids of this main peak, the inrease of activity level was seen around λo=131°.5 such as 2013.
Although it is possible to estimate one activity profile which has a peak around λo=131°.5, FWHM profile of main peak was unnatural(very short after tha main peak...). In this year, therefore, the estimated activity was only one activity profile.

Activity Level (using worldwide data)


Observed Peaks

Time(UT) Solar Long. Activity Level
Jul. 27 23h 125°.147 4.35 ± 0.49
Jul. 29 14h 126°.661 4.68 ± 0.81

Estimated Compornents of Quadrantid activity

Comp.No. Peak Time(UT) Solar Long. A(max) FWHM(hr)
DAC16C01 Jul. 28 20h30m 125°.944 3.5 -90.0/+96.0


  • Radiant : α = 339°, δ = -16°
  • Radian Elevation : 20° < h < 70°
  • Using data within ± 0.50 σ in all observed data.


  • Structure of meteor activity is estimated by "Lorentz profile".
  • Observed data provided by RMOJ and RMOB