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Perseids Results(2002)

2002 Perseids showed two peaks (λo=140° and 141°). It is difficut whether the activity around λo 141° was real or not. This is because observed data had large error bars.
On the other hand, it has a possibility that these double activity was one compornent activity. As one of reasons, radio meteor observaiton has a ceiling hight effect. Since Perseids has very fast geocentric velocity, it is impossible to catch more dark meteors.

Activity Level (using worldwide data)

Observed Peaks

Time(UT) Solar Long. Activity Level
Aug.12 19h 139°.882 1.86 ± 0.87
Aug.13 22h 140°.957 0.88 ± 0.38

Estimated Compornents of Perseid activity

Comp.No. Peak Time(UT) Solar Long. A(max) FWHM(hr)
PER02C01 Aug.12 19h30m 139°.882 2.0 -3.0/+3.5
PER02C02 Aug.13 21h30m 140°.919 1.0 -3.0/+3.0


  • Radiant : α = 46°.2, δ = +57°.4
  • Radian Elevation : 20° < h
  • Using data within ± 0.75 σ in all observed data.


  • Structure of meteor activity is estimated by "Lorentz profile".
  • Observed data provided by RMOJ and RMOB