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Radio Meteor Observation

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Year source Comments (Time:UT)
2016 WorldWide No clear activity. The estimated visual ZHR was under 30.
2015 WorldWide No activity, basically. But some activity was detected around λo206°.7
2014 WorldWide No activity. The activity level showed usual activity.
2013 WorldWide The Orionid activity using radio meteor observation was gone.
2012 WorldWide The activity had weak level and wide FWHM.
2011 WorldWide The activity level was weaker and weaker.
2010 WorldWide The activity level was weaker than 2009. The peak time was earlier.
2009 WorldWide The peak time and level were same as 2008. Long Echoes peak was later.
2008 WorldWide The peak was around λo208°.5. It was less than 2006 and 2007.
2007 WorldWide The activity level and peak time were same as 2006 Orionids.
2006 WorldWide The activity was higher than annual year. The peak was λo208°.0.
2005 WorldWide Although the clear activity was not seen, the center of activity was λo209°
2004 WorldWide It was not only unclear peak but also unclear activity.
2003 - UnderConstruction
2002 - UnderConstruction
2001 Misato Obs The peak was unclear (20th?)
2000 Misato Obs The peak was 23rd with HR42.
1999 Chigusa HS The peak was 21st-22nd with HR26


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