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Geminids Result(2011)

2011 Geminids showed the highest activity in recent years. The estimated ZHR using Activity Level was about 150. The peak time was around 261°.5 - 261°.6. This was earlier than annual visuak observed peak time.
As radio meteor obserevers know, the peak time using radio meteor observation is earlier than visual observation. There are some reasons. One of them, it is different of observed meteors between radio and visual. This is because that radio meteor observation has a ceiling height effect. I do not have a clear answer (I'm sorry...).

Activity Level (using worldwide data)

Geminids 2011

Observed Peaks

Time(UT) Solar Long. Activity Level
Dec.13th 23h 261°.438 5.13 ± 0.46

Estimated Compornents of Geminid activity

Trail-No. Peak Time(UT) Solar Long. A(max) FWHM(hr)
GEM11C01 Dec.14th 03h30m 261°.607 5.0 -26.0/+18.0


  • Radiant : α = 112°.0, δ = +32°.0
  • Radian Elevation : 25° < h < 65°
  • Using data within ± 0.75 σ in all observed data.


  • Structure of meteor activity is estimated by "Lorentz profile".
  • Observed data provided by RMOJ and RMOB