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Radio Meteor Observation

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Year source Comments (Time:UT)
2016 WorldWide A clear strong activity at 10h(UT) on 22nd was observed.
2015 WorldWide There was no activity such as 0.2. This was weaker than 2011 and 2013.
2014 WorldWide The clear high activity was observed around λo270°.8. FWHM was short.
2013 WorldWide It was difficult to find Ursid activity such as 2011.
2012 WorldWide Estimated peak level was similar as 2010. Peak was around λo270°.7
2011 WorldWide It was difficult to find Ursid activity. Peak time and level was uncertain.
2010 WorldWide Since FWHM was long, the peak time was unclear.
2009 WorldWide The clear activity was shown. The peak time was around λo270°.5.
2008 WorldWide The observed peak as 0.67 was higher than annual year.FWHM was shorter.
2007 WorldWide The peak level was weak. The peak time was around λo270°.5
2006 WorldWide The peak time was between λo270°.5 and 270°.7.FWHM was wider.
2005 WorldWide Result was similar as 2004 that was unclear activity.
2004 WorldWide Although the increase was seen, this was under background level + 1σ.
2003 WorldWide Under construction
2002 WorldWide The outburst in Europe and America was observed.
2001 Misato Obs. The unusual activity was not observed.
2000 Misato Obs. The twice activity was observed around 06h-08h.


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