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Radio Meteor Observations in the World: Monthly Report in November 2016

This page provides a monthly report of worldwide radio meteor observations in November 2016.

One of major meteor showers, Leonids came in this month. Although the annual peak time is 10h(UT) on 17th, there was no clear activity in this year. The estimated actvity structure was same as usual activity level with no-meteor activity.

Leonids 2016
using 21 observing staions in nine countries

You can see detail information on Leonids 2016 page.

The following graph showes the monitord result (using ONLY Japanese staions) in November.

Monitoerd result in November (only Japan)

There was no clear activity in this month.

-- Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin (RMOB)
-- Radio Meteor Observation in Japan (RMOJ)
-- all radio meteor observers