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Radio Meteor Observations in the World: Monthly Report in January 2017

This page provides a monthly report of worldwide radio meteor observations in January 2017. Worldwide data were provided by Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin (RMOB) and Radio Meteor Observation in Japan (RMOJ)

Quadrantids 2017

One of major meteor showers, Quadrantids was over in this month. In 2017, the activity level was same as annual years. The peak level was Activity Level=4.0 at solar longitude = 282°.2 with FWHM -9.0hr / +5.0hr.

Quadrantids 2017
using 26 observing staions in 11 countries

You can see detail information on Result of Quadrantids 2017 page.
In addition, Mr.Hirofumi Sugimoto converted to visual ZHR from Activity Level index.

Monitoring of Meteor Activity using Japanese radio meteor observations

The following graph showes the monitord result (using ONLY Japanese staions) in January.

Monitoerd result in January (only Japan)

In Japan, the peak of Quadrantids was occured when the radiant was below the horizon. The activity level was therefore weaker than annual years. There was no unusual activity except in the Quadrantid period.

-- Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin (RMOB)
-- Radio Meteor Observation in Japan (RMOJ)
-- all radio meteor observers