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Lyrids peak comes in April. It has a very sharp peak. Lyrids sometimes shows the outburst. It does not relate to the outburst activity and parant comet.
In Radio Meteor Observation, Lyrid activity is caught every year.

Information of Lyrids

Name Lyrids
Solar Longitude(MAX) 32°.32
Radiant α = 271° / δ = +34°
feature ZHR(max):18, r=2.1, V:49km/s
Parant Comet C/1861G1 Thatcher
Reference The International Meteor Organization

Condition of observation in maximum night (2013 - 2015)

April MAX.Time(UT) moon
(23th 00h)
2013 22nd 11h 12
2014 22nd 15h 23
2015 23rd 00h 4


Result of Lyrids is recorded.(mainly Radio Meteor Observation)
icon Result of Lyrids