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Geminids Result(2008)

In 2008, the clear activity was seen since λo)259°. After that, the peak was λo=262°.14. Descending branches of FWHM was shorter than annual year. There were not enough of observed data around peak time. It was therefore difficult when peak time and how activity level was.

Activity Level (using worldwide data)


Observed Peaks

Time(UT) Solar Long. Activity Level
Dec.13th 21h 262°136 3.12 ± 0.65

Estimated Compornents of Geminid activity

Trail-No. Peak Time(UT) Solar Long. A(max) FWHM(hr)
GEM08C01 Dec.13 21h30m 262°.136 3.0 -24.0/+6.0


  • Radiant : α = 112°.0, δ = +32°.0
  • Radian Elevation : 20° < h < 70°
  • Using data within ± 0.75 σ in all observed data.


  • Structure of meteor activity is estimated by "Lorentz profile".
  • Observed data provided by RMOJ and RMOB